Paula Noel is a three piece band based in Stockholm, Sweden. Their alternative music blends together a diverse collage of global sounds with remnants of soul, jazz, pop and electronica. Consisting of band members Paula Burenstrand (vocalist), Roberto Noel (guitar) and Neto Oliveira (drums and percussion), the members hail from Sweden, Peru and Brazil respectively.


A&R legend Eric McLellan (Sire/Warner’s Bros. Records) described the group as having “a really cool and sensual groove…vocal is powerful”. Spanning a genre range that one can’t quite put their finger on, you might find aspects of Massive Attack or The Internet in their eclectic approach.

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Having two album releases in 2011 and 2016, their latter EP “Willpower - Road to Rio” was critically acclaimed and is now being kept at the National Library of Sweden as a part of the Swedish heritage in music. Making their international debut with a single released by the same name, “Willpower - Road to Rio” was arranged for Sweden’s Paralympics Committee to present in Rio de Janeiro that same year. Following the success of the Brazilian Pop single, the band went on to headline Brazilian day at Kungsträdgården Stockholm. In prior years, they also performed at venues and several festival appearances including Busworld in Kortrijk, Belgium and Stockholm Folk Festival.


The band is fronted by singer, composer and producer Paula Burenstrand, who was raised in a musical environment inspired by gospel music, soul and jazz. Her artistry is reflected by a strong expression of the lyrics, playfulness in her voice and the need to connect with her audience through movement and dialogue. Through her studies in Musical Theater among others she gained knowledge and skills to perform in a wide range of different styles and genres, approaching her music with a clear openness to diversity, a vision which she has no intention of altering.  


In 2019 the band released three singles within the span of three months. One of these singles was accompanied by a movement visual, which guitarist Roberto Noel produced himself. As owner of Sounday Production AB, a video and recording studio, Roberto enriches the band’s presence with a multimedia production house. Pairing with Paula Burenstrand since 2008, the duo met with Neto Oliveira in 2014 and are planning to release more singles through 2020, with upcoming tour dates to be announced during the same year.


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