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PAULA NOEL is presented in a new configuration of live music and interactive visuals together with the musician Marque Gilmore: an alternative and diverse collage of global sounds with equal components of jazz, soul, pop and deep electronica.

The members of the band are all individually involved in various future-thinking projects that include VR (virtual reality), film and music ~ meanwhile preserving their love of classic musical styles and traditions, reaching into the future with these projects centered and focused on justice, the climate and human rights.

Photo: Anna Drvnik

Consisting of band members Paula Burenstrand (Vocal), Roberto Noel (Guitar) and Marque Gilmore ("Acousti-Lectric Drumz"), the members hail from Sweden, Peru and USA respectively. A&R legend Eric McLellan (Sire/Warner's Bros. Records) describes the group as having "a really cool and sensual groove, vocal is powerful"...

Since their debut album in 2011, PAULA NOEL has performed for the Stockholm Jazz Festival, toured in schools with the concept-performance "Nordic Afro" and participated in the Folk Festival at Hässelby Slott, to name but a few. They have also been commissioned for several special projects internationally, including composing and producing the Swedish Paralympic Theme Song "Willpower - Road to Rio" (Rio de Janeiro, 2016) broadcast on Swedish Radio P4, P5 and on Swedish Television.

With two Live Video-Singles released in late 2021 (/"Novum In-Ception?" and "El Mar"), the band are now following up with the production and release of Remixes for 2023.


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